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Rectangle Nail File

This is an exceptional set of 25 nail files for acrylic nails that includes a grit double 25 pcs x rectangle, this set contains 100180 grit double 25 pcs x Rectangle nail files for an 25 pack of nails every day.

Top 10 Rectangle Nail File

The rectangles are made with a jumbo size and an 8080 file, they will fit most nails in a grit 8080 file. They are made with a dark brown and the jumbo size makes them unique and unique in color, the Rectangle nail file is an unrivaled way to get your nail work simple and to make the quality of your work be more consistent. This file renders 25 pack of nail files per accretive layer so you can have enough for all your needs, the 25 grit double pack gives you about 100 180 files. The file is facile to handle and is exquisite for any nail art activity, this file renders everything hidden away in a small, yet powerful box. The reed authors have decided to focus on the Rectangle nail file as an all around first-rate nail file, this file is fabricated with 100180 grit double 25 pcs x Rectangle which helps the file keep your nails scouring good for many hours. Without having to worry about sergeant serum and gel clamps, it also comes with 50 emery boards, which is enough to get you across from top to bottom. You can also get it to match your own nails, or use it for differentials between different types of nails.