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Classy Lady Nail File

The glass nail file is dandy for french tips and tips with a bright beautiful stone, the file is fabricated of durable plastic and grants a sharp blade for taking nicks and cuts. The file as well ability to track and keep track of your nails's progress with a built in notepad style notifier.

Classylady Professional Glass Nail File

The professional glass nail file is sensational for clean hunting nails, with a sleek design and a quick action to them, the file is with high-quality glass and plastic material, which makes it facile to adopt and get the job done. The case keeps the file safe and facile to use, while the blue light shows you how much space is left on the file, the 2022 new Classy Lady glass nail file. This playful little file is for natural nails and features a cool crystal nail file, it's a first-class tool for moving and cleaning your nails, and will make your daily routine a breeze. The Classy nail files are valuable substitute to keep your nails searching good no matter the occasion, with different colors and patterns to choose from, this collection of nail files make it facile to get the look you want. Whether you're wanting for an accent nail file or a practical one, these nails files are here to go, if you're wanting for a beautiful, nameless substitute to take care of your nails, take a look at sally's glass nail file. This file is unequaled fortermassfuls' of natural, nails! It comes with a case for basic storage, and it's first-rate for quick, occasional cases.