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Beauty 360 Nail File

The shape defining honeycomb nail file is a terrific alternative to keep your nails digging sleek and smooth, it presents a honeycomb-style design that makes them look like a work of art. The file is in like manner gentle on your nails and does them.

Beauty 360 Nail File Ebay

This is a Beauty 360 nail file that comes with 6 washable nail files, it is an exceptional for taking care of nails and taking them to a new level. This high-quality Beauty 360 nail file imparts a variety of different shape and buffs options to choose from, so you can get a terrific buff or cut on your nails, the file also imparts a shape choice to give your nails a top doily look. Looking for a fun and effortless substitute to add personality to your nails? Why not using Beauty 360 colorful emery boards? These boards come with a file, which means they will take a few washes to however, they do the job well enough and will make your nails look more then ready for action, the Beauty 360 designator file is a best-in-class surrogate to get started with this popular all-in-one device. The 6 files are designed to help you achieve beautiful nails in a variety of conditions, the files are facile to operate and have best-in-class formatting for creating beautiful designs in white, black, or green.